React.NotAConf - MICE


Start: 28 Apr 2018 10:00 Europe/Sofia
Finish: 28 Apr 2018 22:00 1



Alright, alright! Check our website, it's live! -> update!Announcing our awesome partners who helped us bring to live the first React conference on the Balkans: Puzl, Generator, SBTech, HackSoft, Isobar Commerce, Enhancv, ag-grid, EPAM, Droxic & Bar CPC.=====React.Sofia meetup has turned 1 year old and it's time to grow up! We're happy to announce our next step: React.NotAConfFollowing the great principles of software development - we under-promise and over-deliver. This year we're organising 'NotAConf', next year - it's 'HalfAConf', followed by 'TwoThirdsOfAConf, - 'FullConf' and eventually we will launch the QuadraConf!

Organised by Radoslav Stankov, Vladimir Tassev & Janet Todorova - rest assure this is a spectacular 1-day event full of fun, great speakers and insightful talks.
Speakers on stage:
Radoslav Stankov, Product HuntVladimir Tassev, DeltastockKrasimir Tsonev, NADCastJan Monschke, SoundCloudCarolyn Stransky, BlacklaneKristin Baumann, HomeToGoMartin Chaov, SBTechVladimir Vladimirov, Product HuntRebecca Hill, UsabillaJanet Todorova (MC), Paysafe Bulgaria...more to come!
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Event language: ENGLISH
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