Want to make progress in your love-life? - this will give you the tools you need! Why is it so hard to find the right guy! The Get The Guy Bootcamp

Get the Guy UK Events- Transform Your Lovelife!

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Event Get the Guy UK Events- Transform Your Lovelife!

Home & Lifestyle Get the Guy UK Events- Transform Your Lovelife!

Get the Guy UK Events- Transform Your Lovelife! London

Get the Guy UK Events- Transform Your Lovelife! Home & Lifestyle London
Get the Guy UK Events- Transform Your Lovelife! United Kingdom
  • London United Kingdom
  • Start: Mar 23 2019 12:00
  • Finish: Mar 23 2019 17:00
  • Time zone: Europe/London
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Want to make progress in your love-life? - this will give you the tools you need! Why is it so hard to find the right guy! The Get The Guy Bootcamp is the secret to getting immediate results in your love life. Learn how to meet and keep great men in one day…and then, if you choose, you have the opportunity to go out with wing women that evening and practice what you’ve learnt.   A one day event for women who want to create new results in their love life, who want to ‘Get The Guy’. Not just any guy of course, but the guy they really want, they guy with whom they can create the kind of relationship they always imagined possible. An amazing event where you will be coached by the team behind Matthew Hussey and the best-selling book ‘Get The Guy’. Our event will take place - 12 pm to 6 pm at the Amba Hotel, Marble Arch, London W1H 7EH. Do you feel like you're missing out? Missing out on all the fun and opportunities in life because you are lacking confidence or anxious when moving out of your comfort zone? We want to help you change all that, starting with this afternoon session at our London Bootcamp Event. Your time with us will be jam-packed with must-know secrets. You will learn; our best tried-and-tested secrets that will transform your love lifewhere to find and how to connect with himthe secrets of texting successfullywhy men blow hot and cold, strategies to deal with situations you may experience with men and dating in 2018 Join us and let us help you get the results you want in the shortest time. We’ll also share the 4-Part Attraction Formula (yes, there really is a formula for creating attraction), and reveal the secrets of the male mind, answering the questions that men don't answer. Steve Hussey, our world class presenter, will make this event fun, you will laugh a lot, have many light-bulb moments, the opportunity to meet like-minded women, and the most incredibly enjoyable time. This event is for women only, and as such creates an environment that is supportive, with real camaraderie, and it will connect you with the most incredible peer group to take action with. At the end of this afternoon you have the opportunity, should you wish, to go out in the evening after the event to practice meeting and connecting with real men with the support of this new peer group around you. An incredible opportunity to surround yourself with a new set of like-minded friends for the future. GTG Bootcamp welcomes women looking for dating advice and ladies who just want to gain confidence to apply in other areas of their life too. You are welcome even if you are in a relationship as we know you will learn many things that will benefit you and your relationship. The event is free. However, space is limited so reserve your place NOW. 12-5pm - Get the Guy Event     5-6pm - Coaching for the Night Out ahead (optional) During the final hour of the day we’ll coach you to prepare you for your night out. You’ll learn how to how to be playful, and how to work a room and how deal with the fear of rejection and the fear of failure,  We’ll share with you the secrets of how to have great conversations with men that you are attracted to. We’ll brief you on the logistics of the night out. You’ll meet your group and we’ll give you a list of suggested places to go. You’ll say goodbye to us at 6pm. 7.30pm - Night Out Starts (optional) Now you get to put what you’ve learnt into action. You’ll go out with your new group of friends to try out everything you’ve learnt. After a day with us, you’ll be itching to get out and put your new skills into action, even if the thought of it is scary right now. Frequently Asked Questions What should I wear? Wear something that you'll feel comfortable. We recommend going out in the same clothes you’ve worn that day, you’ll want to freshen up but not dress up. After all we want you to see that guys are responding to your new skills not to what you are wearing. What should I bring? Bring pen and paper for notes, we will have some on hand should you forget. There is a Starbucks in the hotel so you can grab a tea, coffee or snack if you want to. Where do we go out? We suggest 10 venues and you choose.  I can't attend the night out, can I still come to the day? Absolutely, all the important information and tips will be shared with you during the day. It doesn't matter if you choose not to attend the night out. Can I just join the night out? No. You have to have attended the Bootcamp that day to be part of the night out.  What are the timings? The Bootcamp is 12-6pm (the final hour is optional). The optional night out starts at 7.30pm and we suggest you finish at 10.30pm. Who presents the event? The Event is presented by the Get The Guy Team and Steve Hussey will be the speaker and your coach at the Event. He’s an incredible presenter and is passionately committed to helping every woman find love. Is this a singles event? This is not a singles event. We only coach and empower women.

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