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Arosa Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Arosa Travel Service Co., Ltd.

In 2007 Arosa Travel Service celebrated its 35th anniversary and our greetings in Thai and Swiss German signify the Swiss & Thai ownership of our company. Arosa Travel Service was founded in 1972 by its previous owners as one of the first local and foreign owned travel companies in Thailand. Although not being native to the Swiss resort town of Arosa, the name “Arosa” has been chosen to underline the Swiss “roots” of the company’s founders, Fritz & Prapassorn Baumann, and to ensure a top spot in any alphabetic listings of local travel companies.

559/19 Thanapat Haus, Nonsi Road, Chong Nonsee,






+66 2284 3833

+66 2284 3830

Contact - Arosa Travel Service Co., Ltd.