Shiva Meditation® with Yoga Nidra with Garth Hewwit

  • Dubai United Arab Emirates
  • Start: Feb 02 2019 15:00
  • Finish: Feb 02 2019 16:30
  • Time zone: Asia/Dubai
Shiva Meditation® with Yoga Nidra with Garth Hewwit:
Students practice seated pranayama with mudras and bandhas, learning to work with energy and find balance.  This is followed by a guided yoga Nidra practice, teaching students to let go of the outer world and the body, and turn inward.  The practice concludes with seated concentration practices and a seedless meditation, which helps students to quiet their mind, move into stillness, and experience a deeper connection to the true nature of the Self. 
General info:

Free session 

Age: 16 +

Limited spots available and will allocated on a first come first serve basis

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the session start time. Late arrivals will not be accommodated, and unclaimed spots will go to walk-ins, if available. 

Plan your trip - cycle, walk, as parking is limited around the Kite Beach area.

Remember it can be very hot on the day - use sunblock, bring a towel and hydrate before and after the session.