Sea, Soul and Society: Adapting to climate change

  • Edinburgh Scotland United Kingdom
  • Start: Jun 19 2019 09:00
  • Finish: Jun 19 2019 16:30
  • Time zone: Europe/London
Sea Scotland is an annual conference, now in its 4th year, which aims to bring together key actors and facilitate discussion on critical issues facing the marine environment in Scotland to support progressive marine policy and management. The theme for Sea Scotland 2019 will be marine and coastal climate change adaptation.
 Our society and businesses need to adapt to climate change impacts that are now inevitable. Nature can help us adapt, limiting the risks and providing some new opportunities, but nature may itself need to adapt to changing physical and chemical conditions. To be ‘climate ready’ we need to:
-          Help ecosystems to function naturally, to be as resilient as possible and able to provide us with            many benefits;
-          Identify, protect and where possible enhance the features and functions of nature that help shield us from             the negative effects of climate change;
-          Ensure businesses and communities will be robust to projected changes that may affect their physical                   infrastructure or the natural resources upon which they depend;
-          Help people, nature and businesses to adapt to climate change, by making it easier to take action and                 make the right choices.
The challenge is intellectual in terms of the required scientific knowledge and policy drivers, but also behavioural. At the levels of the individual, communities, organisations and businesses, we seek wider spread change in the choices and actions people take; we call these adaptation behaviours.
Vegetarian/vegan lunch included.
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