Sea Secrets Lecture Series 2019 with Roni Avissar, Dean and Professor

  • Miami Florida United States of America
  • Start: Apr 30 2019 18:30
  • Finish: Apr 30 2019 20:00
  • Time zone: America/New_York
Roni Avissar, Ph.D.
Challenges and Achievements in Hurricane Forecasting
Dean and Professor, UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
As much as the public fears storms, every hurricane season is an opportunity for scientists and students at the Rosenstiel School to conduct interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research that helps improve hurricane track and intensity forecasts, with the end goal of protecting life and property. Whether researchers are flying on NOAA’s hurricane hunter aircraft missions to measure pressure and wind velocity, deploying sophisticated atmospheric sondes and floats that gather data to improve numerical models, observing air-sea interactions in a unique wind-wave tank capable of generating Category 5 winds, or piloting a helicopter equipped to detect gravity waves, their activities advance the science of forecasting hurricanes. Dean Avissar will explain the accomplishments made to date and the remaining challenges to improving hurricane track and intensity forecasts.
Appointed dean of the Rosenstiel School in 2009, Avissar is an internationally recognized atmospheric scientist, an award-winning hydro climatologist, and a widely published author of peer-reviewed journals. He pioneered the development and evaluation of various numerical and analytical models to study ocean-land-atmosphere interactions, and developed a unique environmental helicopter observational platform, which he pilots for scientific missions. He is a fellow of both the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the American Meteorological Society. He received the AGU Horton Award in 1998.