Anxiety in your Child | Part 1 | FREE webinar for Parents

  • Aruba
  • Start: Jul 16 2019 20:00
  • Finish: Jul 16 2019 20:30
  • Time zone: Australia/Brisbane
In the past few months I have been overwhelmed by the number of parents asking me how to help their children with anxiety. Anxiety over friends, anxiety about school work, anxiety about almost anything and everything. Parents are stuck. And so many kids are struggling.

In this FREE 25 minute webinar I'm going to help you to:

Understand what anxiety is and how it impacts your kids
Identify central reasons for anxiety in our children
Learn 3 strategies that can help children respond well to anxiety in almost any circumstance.

The webinar is short. It's free. And it's designed to give you a kickstart in dealing with anxiety with your child. I hope to see you there.