SuperOne Earn from blockchain mobile games (AS)

  • Manila Philippines
  • Start: Sep 11 2019 20:00
  • Finish: Sep 11 2019 20:30
  • Time zone: Asia/Manila
Register on Eventbrite to get access to the presentations & full info in English, German, French, Vietnamese or Thai SuperOne is mobile GAMES (like Candy Crush), NOT gambling
SuperOne is FREE to sign up with to refer others and to invest in and earn investment rewards and revenue share. Referral code: zVvyZsaFzj. Even if you do not invest anything yourself you can STILL refer others, build a affiliate agent sales team and earn commissions & rewards from sales in your personally to your network referred investment agents and members and from the revenue of mobile games players.
When you have signed up for SuperOne, send email to to get access to a full set of marketing materials with videos in several languages and explanations, white paper and presentations documents.
SuperOne unites the global U$130 billion mobile games market of 2 billion players with crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing/commission in a uniquely thrilling real-time all integrated blockchain concept using smart contracts. And YOU can be a part(ner) of it by owning a part of the games and refer and earn rewards and commissions from token sales and games revenue.
YOU can be a partner of SuperOne Games by investing and owning a part of the games and earn the revenue commission from the games and/or by referring others to invest and earn commissions their investments. You can sign up for FREE to refer others to invest and earn commissions. If you also like to invest and earn investment rewards the level of start investment is ONLY U$25.
SuperOnes offering is not ICO (Initial Coin Offering), not UTO (Utility Tokens Offering) and not STO (Security Tokens Offering).
It is a new type of token, ATO (Affiliate Tokens Offering), where you own a share of the PRODUCTS and not shares in the company. That means you will get a share of the REVENUE of the PRODUCTS and not of the result of the company. That revenue share is also be paid instantly because of the smart contract.
SuperOne gives 2-60% in rewards/commission on your personal and network affiliate investment and of your tokens sales. SuperOne plans to give 50-60% commission of the revenue of the games from ALL players (even they are not "your" referred players). You don't have to be a player if you want to invest and you don't have to be an investor if you want to play. You can even get 2-20/30% monthly rewards up to a certain (HIGH) level from ONLY your investments even you never refer any player/investor or sell anything or play yourself.
You can get up to 4 different streams of rewards and commissions directly to your wallet for referring and adding new investors, agents and selling affiliate tokens and from the revenue of the games

You can sell tokens & earn commissions
You can buy & own tokens & earn investment rewards
You can own tokens & earn commissions from ads & fees in games
You can sell the tokens you bought but with increased value

For the internal market, the tokens are smart programmed to increase in value by an estimated 100 times in the first step. For the external market, it will work like any token or share on the open exchange market.
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