Picking Investment Grade Stocks In A Free And Easy Way

  • Singapore Singapore
  • Start: Sep 25 2019 19:00
  • Finish: Sep 25 2019 21:00
  • Time zone: Asia/Singapore
Most investors are unable to clearly define what is an investment grade stock and rely on the professionals. Stop paying exorbitant fees to the professionals and learn how to use free resources to pick out investment grade stocks.
Join us in this seminar where our IBF-Accredited Trainer Jay Chia will share with you on how to make use of free online tools to make better investment decisions.
Testimonials from attendees:"More proficient in advising client on investment planning. Understanding clients and dialogue with clients who has an existing stock portfolio. Add value to my existing clients.- Roger Lee, Managing Partner, IPP Financial Advisors"Even if you are not technically inclined in mastering the techniques and skills, the knowledge enables you to know how you can communicate to your broker based on common understanding to achieve your objective."-Lay Lan, MIW attendee

FREE 2hr Workshop Outline

How do I make my money work for me and to manage wealth

Using passive income to grow wealth

Types of Investors and their psychology

How to handle losses and manage your risk

Learn the formula to success and the steps to achieve it

Please register early as seats are limited! I can't wait to share with you my investment system and help you achieve financial freedom.

About Jay Chia:

Jay Chia is an IBF Accredited Trainer. With more than 10 years of experience, Jay Chia is a dual-licensed Trading Representative and Financial Advisor with Phillip Securities Pte Ltd and holds a degree specialising in finance. He applies his extensive financial knowledge of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis to form basis for his market insights. Extremely passionate and highly approachable, Jay loves to share and discuss his knowledge so as to educate his clients and the community.
He is a well-sought after financial trainer, and has conducted numerous trainings around the South-East Asian region, including Singapore and Malaysia, having taught over 1000 individuals. He focuses on helping clients achieve their financial goals and increase their probability of success in the stock market through unique and simple strategies, combining Fundamental and Technical analysis.

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