FLOC Pastry Forum

  • Chicago Illinois United States of America
  • Start: Jan 30 2020 07:00
  • Finish: Jan 31 2020 22:30
  • Time zone: America/Chicago
Wednesday: Opening Networking Reception - TBD
  Date: January 29, 2020
  Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM
  Location: Potters Bar - Palmer House Hilton (17 E. Monroe St. Chicago IL 60603)
  Ticket Cost – Cash Bar
The FLOC Educational Pastry Forum hosted at Washburne Culinary School offers a series of eight seminars taught by international luminaries of the pastry industry, drawing chefs and students from all over the country. The Forum offers a curated Pastry and Baking trade show and reception each evening with demonstrations geared for the pastry professionals and students.  The two-day program is directly followed on Saturday night by the Annual FLOC Pastry Spectacle Wild, Wild West at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel!

Class 1 – Vanilla 101 and Caramels by Beth Nielsen and Pastry Chef John Kraus
Class 2 - Chocolate Tasting-Hershey by chefs Darren Belnavis
Class 3 – Amenities-Felchlin and Ponthier by Susan Notter
Class 4 - Swiss Regional Desserts-featuring Buendner Nuss Torte , Zuger Kirsch Torte and Basler Laeckerli by Chef Gerhard Greub
Class 5 –Artisan Bread in the Modern Age by Chef Steven Krizman of Puratos
Class 6 - Contemporary XOCO Gourmet Dessert, plated and as a Petit four, featuring Xoco Gourmet single varietal fine flavor couverture” and Chef Andy Chlebana
Class 7 - Contemporary American Desserts, reimagining baking classics for the modern buffet with Chef Scott Green
Class 8 – Bon Bons are an excellent way to showcase the attributes of a specific piece of chocolate.  When combined with harmonizing flavors of fruits, nuts and aromatics, complex and satisfying taste experiences can be achieved in a small bite.  In this demo, Guittard Chef Josh Johnson will share tips and techniques of creating bon bons that truly celebrate chocolate. 

Thursday Night: Trade Show and Reception to feature an Ice Carving demonstration by Chef Greg Beachey and a Paasche Air Brush demonstration by Artist Lance Gustafson and Chef Scott Green.
Friday Night: Trade Show and Reception to feature a Culinary Fight Club Competition and demonstrations of Cake Decorating by Chef Nicholas Lodge and Sugar Sculpture by Chef Kathryn Gordon.