A great opportunity to spend an amazing evening on the River Danube! Be the part of a special „wine tasting” cruise, relax in the company of the most

Wine Tasting Cruise in Budapest

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Event Wine Tasting Cruise in Budapest

Travel & Outdoor Wine Tasting Cruise in Budapest

Wine Tasting Cruise in Budapest Budapest

Wine Tasting Cruise in Budapest Travel & Outdoor Budapest
Wine Tasting Cruise in Budapest Hungary
  • Budapest Hungary
  • Start: Feb 11 2019 19:00
  • Finish: Feb 11 2019 21:00
  • Time zone: Europe/London
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A great opportunity to spend an amazing evening on the River Danube! Be the part of a special „wine tasting” cruise, relax in the company of the most famous Hungarian wine selections. Hungarian wine culture and hospitality are well known all around the world, join us and we show you why! The spectacular view of the stunning illuminated Budapest will make your cruise categorically memorable. The Panorama of Budapest is not only an unforgettable experience, but an illustration of the capital's history. During the trip you can taste 7 different types of Hungarian wines from variant organic wineries including the world famous Tokaj wine! During the cruise salon music is performed by 3 members of the Zoltán Kodály Rajko Hungária Folk Orchestra. The performance also features a marvellous original Hungarian instrument, the famous “cimbalom”. The combination of string instruments and the cimbalom provides a uniquely Hungarian, unforgettable harmony and an outstanding atmosphere on-board. Wish to hear your favourite popular song in a whole new adaptation? During the performance, guests will have a chance to ask for their favourite songs from the artists to play. The cruise lasts 120 minutes, and our bar on board is open for the purchase of further Hungarian wines, Tokaj wines /other beverages. Between sips of two different wines we offer you scones to have the taste better. We guarantee all the ingredients necessary to have a memorable evening! MEETING TIME: 18:30 Price Includes limited (8 cl) tasting from 7 different type of hungarian wine. During the trip you can taste 7 different famous Hungarian wine! SAMPLE wine list to taste: Tokaji Furmint Grand Selection Hilltop Premium Merlot Juhász Blue Frankish Rosé Bodri Szekszárdi Civilis Cuvée Bárdos Pincészet Pinot Grigio Tokaji Szamorodni Sweet Tokaji Aszu 3 Puttonyos Only purchase not to taste wines: Szajki cirfandli sweet dessert wine Szajki cirfandli semi sweet Please make sure to do the following if you’ve ordered the pickup, drop off service, in case not please disregard the following points Be ready at the reception of your accommodation- 30-40 minutes prior to the start of your activity and please note that the exact time of your pick up is based on the traffic and the popularity of the service on the selected date In case you are staying in an accommodation without a reception desk, please wait outside of your accommodation for your chauffeur Provide the exact address and name of your accommodation within the city limits of Budapest Provide your phone number for the organising company. In case you have not done it during the booking process please send it to the following address: [email protected] Keep your phone charged and turned on, on the day of your activity. In case your phone does not have coverage in Hungary and roaming services are not enabled, please make sure to check your emails frequently for updates from the organiser. Answer your phone when our colleagues are calling you on the day of your activity or reply to the email sent in case you are not available via phone. In order you would not like to use the drop off service we are not able to provide a partial refund for the drop off part of the service. You are entitled to a refund in case your complaints reflect the errors of the organising company and in case you have made a phone call to one of the below mentioned phone numbers at the site and time of your issue. This service is NOT a private transfer, hence we are not able to guarantee exclusivity during your transfer.  We are not able to take responsibility from any delays caused by other guests. Please note: Fulfilment of last minute pick-up, drop-off requests received on the day of the program are not guaranteed and based on the available drivers. NOTE:  In the case of you not showing up for the pick-up in time and missing the performance as a consequence, we will reschedule your event for a later time if are able to, but without the transfer service. If this is not a possibility or you leave Budapest, the organizer will not be able to refund money to you for any of these services. In case you have any queries regarding your pick up, drop off service please call the following phone number: +361 317 1377 In case of EMERGENCIES, call the following number: +3630 659 7007  

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