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Starting Date : April 19 2017

Wild Imagination: KIDS ONLY Autumn School Holiday Program



Adelaide Park Lands East Terrace Between Halifax and Carrington Streets, Adelaide, SA 5000 AU

Date and time

Start Date : April 19 2017 08:30 Australia/Adelaide
Ending Date : April 27 2017 17:00 Australia/Adelaide


* Tickets on sale Thursday 23 February 2017 *
If you think back to how you spent your own school holidays, it's likely you remember playing outdoors all day. No homework, no screens, just friends having fun. Perhaps you would head down to the local creek with your friends and make mud pies and build cubbies. Maybe you liked to catch bugs, or climb trees; whatever it was - you were outside, and in nature.
Wild Imagination is bringing back the outdoor, nature filled, unstructured, screen-free fun to school holidays... And you're invited to join us! To see a short film about what we do, please click here.
Our Autumn program runs from Saturday 15 April until Saturday 29 April 2017. We have both Kids Only days (where parents can drop and go!), plus Family days where parents and caregivers will stay and play with their children. There are also some OSHC Excursion days where groups of children come along with their teachers. Our Autumn schedule looks like this:

You can book our KIDS ONLY events through this page you are on now. If you want to book the FAMILY days, please click here.
Our KIDS ONLY events are for primary school aged children. Due to the range of activities planned, we recommend kids are between 5 - 10 years old. Although children up to 12 years are allowed, they might not find the activities age appropriate, but this is at the parents discretion. Our kids only events provide parents with an alternative to OSHC, where the children play outside and hang out under trees and in tents instead of in classrooms and on ovals.
Parents can drop their children off any time after the gates open at 8:30am. The children will stay and play all day and be supervised by qualified Play Leaders. Gates close at 5:00pm, so please ensure you allow enough time to collect the kids prior to 5pm. Late pick up policy does apply.
Children must bring their own morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Plus rubber boots, a full change of clothes, a towel and plastic bag for soiled clothes is recommended!
Drop off and pick up is easy with plenty of parking directly in front of the event area, and we are close to public transport routes on Wakefield Street, Hutt Street and Fullarton Road. We are easily accessible via cycling routes, and bike parking is available.
For more information about the event and policies, or to contact us, please head to our website, wildimagination.com.au.


If you have younger children or would like to come along to the event with your children, we have family event days that are suitable from children of all ages. You can book the family events here.
Wild Imagination: KIDS ONLY Autumn School Holiday Program at

Adelaide Park Lands

East Terrace Between Halifax and Carrington Streets, Adelaide, SA 5000

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