Willing Hearts (Jun 2018)

  • 2018-06-10 21:41:03 2 months ago
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Event Willing Hearts (Jun 2018)

Charity & Causes Willing Hearts (Jun 2018)

Willing Hearts (Jun 2018)

Willing Hearts (Jun 2018) Charity & Causes
Willing Hearts (Jun 2018)
  • Start: Jun 12 2018 05:00
  • Finish: Jun 12 2018 16:00
  • Time zone: Asia/Singapore
This event is finished
Willing Hearts has a simple philosophy when it comes to volunteering - Just come with a warm smile, two helping hands, an open and willing heart, and one simple question “How can I be of help today?” That is all it takes to volunteer at Willing Hearts
Details about volunteering at Willing Hearts can be found here
* Please "Select a Date" and click  "Register" to view all time slots at 5.00am, 6.30am, 8.30am, and 12.00pm
** The confirmation and reminder will indicate 5.00am. This is a default time as the kitchen opens at 5.00am. Please log in to your  account for confirmation of your registration. Thank you!
*** This registration system allows volunteers know the capacity we are at on any given day.  Days which appear as  SOLD OUT means that we are likely to be at full capacity.  For individuals who would still consider dropping by and wouldn't mind the chaos and tight squeeze,  we welcome you with open arms. We seek for patience and understanding should you decide to join us :)

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