Every Saturday night. Leave a comment on Facebook to sign up please, saying when and where you will be available for what role. ---------------------

Free | Create anything #CocktailExperimentNight

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Event Free | Create anything #CocktailExperimentNight

Food & Drink Free | Create anything #CocktailExperimentNight

Free | Create anything #CocktailExperimentNight Barcelona

Free | Create anything #CocktailExperimentNight Food & Drink Barcelona
Free | Create anything #CocktailExperimentNight Spain
  • Barcelona Spain
  • Start: Oct 16 2019 19:00
  • Finish: Oct 16 2019 21:00
  • Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Every Saturday night.
a comment on Facebook to sign up please, saying when and where you will be available for what role.
------------------------------​Imagine this------------------------------​(Read this if you are going to a bar)You walk into a bar at randomYou are allowed to make your own cocktailPeople taste it and like itThey like it so much thatThe bar owner put it on the menuYou go back homeRewriting your profile on tinder, adding“Ruling your taste since 2019”Ain’t it nice?------------------------------(Read this if you have a home bar)It’s Saturday nightYou invite your friends over(Pretend you have friends)You make them a cocktailThey hate it, saying there goes our friendship, orThey love it, trying to talk you into opening a barEither way, you say you will think about itWe say, let’s do itTime to make some new friends, andOpen your first bar, right in your house------------------------------Welcome to #CocktailExperimentNightTonight you are a creatorEveryone else is mean and judgingReady to take yourself on this exciting journey?------------------------------WHERE AND HOWTo make the event happen, it requires at least1 host(who owns a bar, provides ingredients, sets the amount of money to share the cost, and collects payments)N creators(who are brave and creative enough to make you a cocktail)N guests(Who are braver)Please choose your role when signing up. You can be the host and creator at the same time.------------------------------Free For everyoneAll creators and guests pay only for ingredients(It's free should you BYO ingredients)Host serves you for freeFun times for EVERYBODY------------------------------Sign up nowEveryone is a volunteer, here to host, teach or learn.Events will be canceled automatically if no hosts / creators / guests sign up.------------------------------To attend / create more events, go toFoodie WeChat groupAdd @LiveADeliciousLifeFoodie Facebook page@LiveADeliciousLife.globe------------------------------Have a delicious time at a surprisingly low price!FoodieTo have a new place you call home wherever you goInvite yourself to delicious events in the neighborhoods around the globe
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