Textiles Printing Level 2: 8 Weeks, THURSDAY, 6-9pm Term time: 7th Feb - 28th Mar, 25th Apr - 13th Jun, 8th Aug - 26th Sept, 17th Oct - 5th Dec This

Textiles Printing Level 2 (Oct-Dec'19)

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Event Textiles Printing Level 2 (Oct-Dec'19)

Hobbies & Special Interest Textiles Printing Level 2 (Oct-Dec'19)

Textiles Printing Level 2 (Oct-Dec'19) Edinburgh

Textiles Printing Level 2 (Oct-Dec'19) Hobbies & Special Interest Edinburgh
Textiles Printing Level 2 (Oct-Dec'19) United Kingdom
  • Edinburgh Scotland United Kingdom
  • Start: Oct 17 2019 18:00
  • Finish: Dec 05 2019 21:00
  • Time zone: Europe/London
Textiles Printing Level 2: 8 Weeks, THURSDAY, 6-9pm
time: 7th Feb - 28th Mar, 25th Apr - 13th Jun, 8th Aug - 26th Sept, 17th Oct - 5th Dec

This 8 weeks course is ideal for those who has taken part in our TP1 course and would like to take their skills to the next level. The primary focus is the use of reactives and acid dyes, which are primarily used in printing on silk and wool.
This course will build upon the screen-printing basics you have learned on TP1, where you will learn how to mix your own reactive and acid dyes, painting the ink/ dye onto your screen, the transfer process and then the finishing process of your printed fabric. You will also learn the intricate process of printing on finer fabrics, i.e. silk.
Participants will get the opportunity to discuss their objectives at the beginning of the course, so subjects learned throughout can be tailored to a specific project or question you have in mind. You will also get plenty tutored/ supervised studio practice time throughout this course, with a peer & tutor critique/ review throughout the course.
There will be plenty time for play & experimentation, with the help of an experienced tutor on hand to ask questions while getting real-time experience of what it’s like to create in a printing studio.
Classes will run every Thursday from 6-9pm for 8 weeks.

What will you learn in Textiles Printing Level 2?

The process of selecting, creating artwork/ stencil for your screen, i.e. creating your artwork on kodatrace/ transparency
Screen preparation & reclamation
Screen coating & exposure.
The process of painting reactive/ acid stencil inks onto your screen
Colour matching and ink mixing using reactive and acid dyes
The process of affixing fabric onto the print table by the means of ‘gumming’
Fixing/ finishing your printed fabric

What’s included?

Plain cotton, wool, silk fabric (approx. 50x50cm each)
Printing dyes/ inks required for use for the duration of the course
Koda-trace/ drafting film to fit 1x A2 screen (or equivalent)
Gum tape
A2 screen x 1 (or equivalent size)
Lightbox and Exposure Unit
Dyes and printing paste-mixing paraphernalia
Aprons + PPE
Course handouts and printing recipes covered during the course
Light refreshments

What do you need to supply/ bring yourself?

Inspiration/ rough idea of what you want to do for your 8 weeks project
Any fabric of your choice to test, preferably more wool & silk, to last you for the duration of the course.
Old clothes to print with (you will get messy!) + Wellyboots (optional)
Masking tapes (widths: 50mm + 25mm)
Tracing paper
Sharpie/ opaque black markers, black acrylic paints
Gouache paints (for ideas development)
Scalpel with blades

Due to the amount of information covered in this course, you will be expected to do some of the research work and drawings in your own time. Additional materials can also be purchased on the day.
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Minimum number: 4 peopleMaximum number: 7 people
If we do not meet the minimum booking number, then we reserve the right to either cancel or modify existing bookings made as according to our T&C. We will not make any changes without informing or consulting you beforehand.
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